Blanket Safe Spray-On Water Repellent

Blanket Safe Spray-On Water Repellent

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Blanket Safe Spray-On Water Repellent

Blanket Safe's spray water-repellent is a water-based treatment with no odor! It wraps around the individual fibers and does not coat the fabric in a non-breathable material, such as wax or silicone. There are no harmful chemicals in the making of this product.

Directions: Wash your blanket and then spray the treatment on while it's still wet. Air dry - no heat required. As always, you should never dry your horse blanket in a dryer, even on low heat. With this product, there is no need. This product cures during dry time, which usually takes between 48-72 hours.

Once the product is dry, it is not harmful to pets or kids. It usually lasts between 9-12 months depending on the age and wear-and-tear of the blanket. This product has been highly tested by several retailers; their customers and QA teams love it!

Keep in mind that Blanket Safe is not a heavy-duty treatment. It is perfect for modern-day fabrics, however, extremely worn fabrics, or those with a very low denier, may not respond as well as blankets with a 1000+ denier. These water-repellents will help increase and maintain the factory-applied waterproofing of your horse blanket.


  • Brand: Blanket Safe
  • Type: Water Repellent
  • Size: 32 oz