5 Star "Cactus Vibes" Mohair Halter

5 Star Cactus Vibes Mohair Halter

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5 Star "Cactus Vibes" Mohair Halter

The 5 Star "Cactus Vibes" Mohair Halter is one of our favorite items of 2019! No one can deny the popularity of the cactus.....and this mohair halter is at a level of coolness that can't be touched! This brown nylon halter has a nose and cheeks that are 100% all natural tied mohair with orange, purple, turquoise, pink, and green dyed mohair. Features a snap at the cheek and adjustable nose. Made in the USA! Full size.


  • Brand: 5 Star
  • Type: Halter
  • Color: Multi-Colored
  • Size: Full
  • Country of Origin: USA