5 Star Winnebago Saddle Pad

5 Star Winnebago Saddle Pad

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5 Star Winnebago Saddle Pad

The 5 Star Winnebago Saddle Pad is 7/8" thick and designed with the traditional rider in mind. This saddle pad matches the earth tones in the 5 Star Winnebago Halter, Breast collar, and Sport Boots perfectly!

This premium saddle pad is constructed from the highest quality wool available on the market. You won't see any other brands with the same quality...because 5Star holds the exclusive rights to it.

No extra saddle pads or blankets are necessary with the 5 Star Saddle Pads. Double padding can create movement and slippage. The slippage is usually compensated for by over-cinching. The fit of the 5 Star pads allows for less cinching and minimal saddle movement. Research has proven that wool pads provide the best compression protection for properly or improperly fitted saddles.

Winnebago Saddle Pad Features:

  • custom full length wear leathers
  • rich brown Oak Leaf tooled pattern
  • contoured and conformed fit
  • cutout at the wither
  • wool construction

Winnebago Saddle Pad Benefits:

  • no extra pads or blankets needed
  • less cinching needed


  • Brand: 5 Star
  • Type: Saddle Pad
  • Size: 30" x 30"
  • Color: Natural w/Brown Cowboy Tooled Wear Leathers