AspirEase Natural

AspirEase Natural

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AspirEase Natural

Formerly known as ApirEase III.

AspirEase Natural is a silicin based, equine supplement that aids in the relief of painful symptoms associated with chronic and long-standing conditions such as arthritis, ringbone, joint disease, soft tissue pain and old injuries.

Salicin, a highly refined and natural precursor to aspirin offers the same benefits of aspirin while remaining easy on the stomach and reducing the risk of blood thinning. AspirEase Natural contains additional buffers to support the gastrointestinal tract, making it the gentlest option for relief of chronic pain. AspirEase Natural is microencapsulated and flavor enhanced for optimal palatability.

Directions: Orally administer one, level 17 gram scoop one to two times daily to adult horses. Store in cool dry place.

Benefits of AspirEase with Salicin:

  • Salicin is the natural precursor to aspirin
  • The chemical makeup of salicin is closely related to aspirin
  • Salicin is the original source of aspirin
  • Salicin does not contain the acids found in aspirin so it is less likely to cause gastritis or thrombosis (blood thinning)

Active Ingredients per 17 g:

  • salicin - 250 mg
  • calcium carbonate - 6239 mg
  • methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) - 1190 mg

Inactive Ingredients: ground rice hulls, vegetable oil, dried molasses, lecithin, glucose, artificial apple flavoring.

Caution: For use in horses. Not for use in animals intended for consumption. Keep away from children and other animals.


  • Brand: Bio-Nutrition Labs
  • Type: Pain Management and Inflammation
  • Size: 476 grams