Brittany Pozzi Hackamore Bits

Brittany Pozzi Hackamore Bits

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Brittany Pozzi Hackamore Bit

Brittany's favorite bit in her collection having ridden two horses to world titles using this Brittany Pozzi Hackamore.

Brittany Pozzi Hackamore Bit Key Features:

  • Great for a horse that just needs some guiding around the turn. 
  • Side pull action on the shank makes it easy for your horse to work without getting its way and provides a little lift. 
  • Provides great balance on the horse's nose and more control for those long runs to the barrel.

Available in: Short Shank 6½", Medium Shank 7¼", Long Shank 8"


  • Brand: Professional's Choice
  • Style: Hackamore
  • Cheek Length: 7-1/4",6-1/2"