Charmayne James C11 "Grasshopper" Bit

Charmayne James C11 Grasshopper Bit

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Charmayne James C11 "Grasshopper" Bit

"This is the most popular bit in my line and the most sought after, plus it is a great looking bit. Almost all the horses I have used this bit on have responded well and liked it. It is a good turning bit and a good stopper. The chain mouthpiece is comfortable, but very effective. This bit is great for collection. It has a slightly higher purchase so it will not pinch. Brown iron and silver ball design on the cheeks." -Charmayne.

7" cheeks and 6" mouth. Chain mouth with oval joint.


  • Brand: Reinsman
  • Type: Bit
  • Size: 7" Cheeks/6" Mouth