CLAC Concentrate

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CLAC Concentrate

The original Deo-Lotion, now branded as CLAC. The composition of essential oils, including citronella and cedar oil gives maximum protection against flies, horse flies, and gnats.

Key Benefits of CLAC Concentrate:

  • all natural
  • gives your horse a relaxed and undisturbed time in the pasture
  • protects while you ride in the arena or on the trail
  • 1 liter of concentrate makes 7 liters
  • worlds most effective natural fly repellent

Mixing of CLAC Concentrate:

  • dilute at a rate of 7:1
Use diluted for the most economical use or full strength for the highest level of protection.


  • Brand: Horse Fitform
  • Size: 500 mL,1 Liter
  • Pest Type: Flies, Horse Flies, Gnats