Collegiate Lectern Dressage Saddle

Collegiate Lectern Dressage Saddle

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Collegiate Lectern Dressage Saddle

The Lectern Dressage Saddle is created from the finest soft & supple quality leather. A hand-crafted quality saddle designed with both horse and riders comfort in mind.

This saddle has the highest quality naturally tanned pigmented double leather that is soft and supple for complete comfort and optimum grip. The large front knee blocks provide extra stability with padded knee pads covered with smooth grained leather for optimum grip. The generous channel is for a comfortable fit for your horse. The long Y-girthing system is flexible, enabling a better girth fit for various horse shapes. Simple & Quick changeable gullet for optimum fit allows you to adjust our saddle for a custom fit.

There is a 10-year warranty on the tree and a 2-year warranty on the saddle.

Lectern Dressage Saddle Key Features:

  • high-quality double leather
  • large front knee blocks
  • long Y-girthing system
  • simple & quick changeable gullet


  • Brand: Collegiate
  • Type: Saddle
  • Color: Black