Country Vet Automatic Dispenser

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Country Vet Automatic Dispenser

Country Vet's Automatic Fly Control Dispenser is EPA registered and provides immediate relief from flying insects. The dispenser is for use in stalls, barns, bathrooms, kitchens and any other enclosed area. The Country Vet Dispenser automatically discharges a fine mist of metered fly spray or CV air freshener once every 15 minutes. It features a superior motor with self-lubricating gears, a patented drive-stall mechanism and positive nozzle alignment. Set it up in problem areas, and forget about it and the bugs for a full month.

Key Features of Country Vet Automatic Dispenser:

  • kills and repels flies, mosquitoes, gnats, small moths
  • sprays a fine mist every 15 minutes
  • covers 6,000 cubic ft for 30 days
  • operates on 4 "AA" batteries (not included)

Note: Sprays last up to 30 days and are sold separately. Works with CV air fresheners or metered fly sprays.


  • Brand: Country Vet
  • Type: Odor Control
  • Form: Dispenser