Dare Automatic Float Valves

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Dare Automatic Float Valves

Turn every stock tank, trough, barrel or pan into an automatic waterer with Dare's Float Valves.

They are designed to operate from gravity flow or pressure up to 70 PSI.

Great for livestock, horses & other animals.

Dare Automatic Float Valves Key Features:

  • each valve features a 300 gallon-per-hour capacity
  • automatically shuts off water flow when the pre-set water level is reached
  • sturdy adjustable brackets are fast and easy to install
  • each valve accepts standard 3/4" garden hose thread

Dare Automatic Float Valve Styles:

Plastic Case molded from high-grade polystyrene for added strength & durability. (Mfg #798)

Non-Siphoning Plastic Case is a popular model that complies with basic back-siphoning regulations. Float housing molded of high impact ABS plastic. Withstands abuse and weather. Will not corrode. Includes expansion brackets. (Mfg #2175)

Metal Case is a durable aluminum case with nylon orifice. (Mfg #1780)


  • Brand: Dare
  • Material: Aluminum,Plastic