Dare Cribbing Control Collar, Black

Dare Cribbing Control Collar, Black

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The Dare Cribbing Control Collar, Black

Comes with a free fleece cover!

Designed by professional horseman Rusty Dare, the DARE Cribbing Control Collar controls even the worst cribbers. The durable leather is able to withstand years of use and allows for less tightening than other cribbing collars. The unique patent-pending design keeps the collar in place with a single strap.

The collar will loosen when the horse drops its head to eat, so it is recommended to check the fit at the horse's normal cribbing position. The fit of the collar should be checked and adjusted over time to endure the best results.

As with any horse product, use extreme care and common sense when turning a horse out or applying the collar for the first time.


  • Brand: Schutz Brothers
  • Type: Cribbing