Davis Hi-Color & Shine Shampoo

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Davis Hi-Color & Shine Shampoo

Davis Hi-Color & Shine Shampoo contains optical brighteners to intensify all coat colors. It enhances the natural colors of the coat, mane, and tail.

This gentle shampoo produces an intense shine and stunning results on all coat colors. Deep cleansers and a rich lather help remove stains, effortlessly eliminating dulling dirt and grime to reveal a healthier, glossier coat. It contains moisturizing lanolin to provide luster and softness. Use for a bold pop of color and a sleek show ring finish.

This shampoo may be used on horses, foals, livestock, and dogs. Made with a natural coconut base for a very refreshing scent.


  • enhances & intensifies all coat colors
  • helps restore yellowed or faded coats from sun exposure
  • easy-to-rinse, residue-free lather produces sheen
  • concentrated formula


  • Brand: Davis Manufacturing
  • Type: Shampoo
  • Size: 32 oz