Dimples Horse Treats

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Dimples Horse Treats

More than an irresistible treat! Dimples Horse Treats make administering medication to your horses so easy! Simply place the medication in the unique dimple shape and squeeze the pliable goodness around it. Even the most finicky horses cannot resist the aroma and taste of Dimple Horse Treats! Take the guesswork out of giving medications!

Very healthy with 8 whole grains including ground flax and beet pulp. Soft and pliable with an irresistible taste and aroma. Don't think that you only have to use Dimples Horse Treats for medications! Your horse will appreciate them as a daily treat!

The 1 lb container contains approximately 27 treats. The 3 lb container contains approximately 60 treats.


  • Brand: Dimples
  • Type: Pill Dispensing
  • Size: 1 lb,3 lb