Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote

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Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote for Wounds

Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote is a germicidal and fungicidal wound dressing used to aid in the healing of most common skin lesions of domestic animals.

Benefits & Features of Blu-Kote:

  • kills ringworms
  • dries up blisters and pox-like sores
  • dries up lesions
  • helps in the healing of surface wounds
  • hoof foot and pad sores
  • helps relieve and heal itchy fungus eczema

NOT for use on cats.


  • Brand: Dr Naylor
  • Type: Topical,Dauber
  • Form: Dauber,Aerosol
  • Condition: Ringworm,Fungi,Sores,Fungus Infection
  • Size: 4 oz,5 oz