Equi-Spot, 12 week supply

Equi-Spot, 12 week supply

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Equi-Spot, 12 week supply

Equi-Spot® Spot-On Fly Control is easy to apply and contains 45% Permethrin to effectively protect horses from pests for 14 days. The water- and sweat-resistant formula kills and repels house flies, stable flies, face flies, horn flies, gnats, and ticks on horses. This spot-on treatment is ideal for pastured horses, as the treatment stays on longer than sprays. There are three defense zones that need to be covered to effectively apply this fly control treatment. The chest, head and neck are defense zone 1, the sides of your horse's body are defense zone 2, and the legs or your horse are defense zone 3 (video below).

Equi-Spot Key Benefits:

  • easy to apply
  • effective for 14 days
  • ideal for pastured horses
  • convenient to use
  • more fluid per application for more complete coverage
  • water- and sweat-resistant

Equi-Spot aids in the control of:

  • house flies
  • stable flies
  • face flies
  • horse flies
  • deer flies
  • black flies
  • gnats (including eye gnats)
  • mosquitoes
  • ticks

Note: Safe enough for horses as young as 12 weeks. One easy to apply 10 mL applicator lasts for 14 days. One 3-pk lasts 6 weeks.

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Watch this informative video on how to apply Equi-Spot


  • Brand: Farnam
  • Type: Topical
  • Ingredient: Permethrin
  • Insect Type: Ticks
  • Supply: 12 Week Supply
  • Size: (6) 10 mL Applicators