Fly Free Zone for Horses

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Fly Free Zone for Horses

The Fly Free Zone™ Fly Repellent Collars and Leg Bands for horses create an actual "Fly Free" zone several inches from the horse's face, neck, and legs. The collar and leg bands protect horses from biting and disease-transmitting flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. Fly Free Zone Collars and Leg Bands are long lasting, hassle free and feature the latest, all-natural formula with no harmful chemicals. These products contain ingredients that generate a long-lasting deterrent effect against pests including: citronella, cottonseed oil, cellulose and phenylethyl propionate. Endorsed by Arnold Scherpenborg, the inventor of the Fly Collar products, who says "I have never seen a Fly Repellent as safe, effective, and animal friendly as the FLY FREE ZONE™ products."

Fly Free Zone for Horses Key Benefits:

  • repels flies, gnats, mosquitoes
  • all-natural
  • no harmful chemicals
  • comfortable and fashionable
  • one size fits all
  • long-lasting
  • made in USA

Directions for Fly Free Zone Horse Collar:

Attach the collar around the horse's neck so the perforated side faces out. Attach loosely so that 2 or 3 fingers fir between the collar and the neck. The collar can be worn with a halter or a bridle. Remove collar when bathing horse.

Directions for Fly Free Zone Horse Leg Bands:

Attach each leg band just above horse's ankle, perforated side out. Attach loosely so 2 or 3 fingers fit between the leg band and ankle. Remove leg bands when bathing horse.

Fly Free Zone Horse Collar: 36"

Fly Free Zone Horse Leg Bands: pack of 4


  • Brand: Fly Free Zone
  • Type: Collar,Leg Bands
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Size: 36",4 Pack