Fly Stik™ Sticky Fly Trap

Fly Stik™ Sticky Fly Trap

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Fly Stik™ Sticky Fly Trap

Hang Fly Stik™ wherever flies are a problem, indoors or out. Choose an area on ceiling or exposed rafters out of reach of children and livestock. Surface of the trap is extremely sticky, but not poisonous.

Fly Stik™ Directions for Use:

  • Pull out hook on top of Fly Stik™ and hang
  • Save box for later disposal of product
  • Replace Fly Stik™™ when 80% or more of the exposed surface is covered with trapped insects
  • Avoid contact with trapped insects
  • Dispose of unit by placing in original box or appropriate garbage bag

Available in 12" and 24".

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  • Brand: Starbar
  • Size: 12" Mini JR,24" Tube