Foal Response

Foal Response

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Foal Response™ Colostrum Supplement

Provides premium KPx™ colostrum, in a paste form and other essential nutrients necessary for newborns.

Studies have shown that colostrum has the ability to transfer its cell-mediated immune response properties to the recipient. This means that your neonatal foal will benefit from the immunoglobulins and many other nutrients found in Foal Response™.

Key Points of the Foal Colostrum Supplement:

  • immediate Care Nutrition for newborn foals
  • provides newborns, older foals and weanlings with the optimum nutrition they need immediately
  • contains KPx Technology colostrum, rich in antibodies to stimulate immune response

KPx™ colostrum is American made and harvested within the first 12 hours post-parturition for peak bioactivity.

Foal Response is ideal for foal care:

  • when birth is premature or delayed
  • access to mare's colostrum is limited
  • or when foals need extra support

Also excellent for older foals and weanlings.

Feed entire tube immediately following birth and as needed or directed by your veterinarian.

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  • Brand: Vita Flex
  • Form: Paste
  • Ingredients: Colostrum
  • Size: 30 mL