Focus WT

Focus WT

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Focus WT Weight Gain & Maintenance Under Stress

Certain horses need more than good feed management and parasite control to gain weight.

Focus WT provides a broad spectrum of nutrients to optimize the efficient metabolism of food with digestive enzymes and beneficial microbes to improve digestibility.

For a healthy horse provide Focus WT everyday with:

  • good quality hay and grain, with protein and carbohydrate levels appropriate for the age and demands of the horse
  • a balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio
  • an effective parasite control program
  • fresh water at all times
  • free access to salt
  • a good dental care program

Feed FOCUS WT everyday, including race and competition days.

Mix 1½ oz per day per 1000 lb (450 kg) horse per feed.

Adjust accordingly. Do not exceed recommended feeding levels

1½ oz Scoop included.

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  • Type: Weight Gain
  • Form: Powder
  • Size: 3½ lb
  • Servings: (56)
  • Country of Origin: USA