For-bid Anticoprophagic, 8 g

For-bid Anticoprophagic, 8 g

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Highly palatable protein which, when mixed with feed, helps prevent the consumption of feces. Simply sprinkle on feed. Once consumed, this will create a forbidden and unpalatable taste to the feces. 8 gram packet.

This product works to make the feces unpalatable. It will work to stop an animal from eating its own feces. It will stop most animals from eating the feces of the animal that ingests this product.

Directions for dosing For-bid:


  • 3-20 lb - 1/4 packet twice a day
  • 21-100 lb - 1/2 packet twice a day
Many vets suggest to use for 4-5 days.


  • 1/4 packet once a day for 4-5 days


  • 1.5 packets for 2 days appears to curb this habit

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  • Brand: Forbid
  • Form: Powder
  • Condition: Coprophagia
  • Size: 0.28 oz