ForeLyte Paste

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ForeLyte Paste, 80cc

ForeLyte Paste is a premium, all-natural electrolyte that provides fast and convenient replacement of electrolytes for horses in need of replenishment.

ForeLyte Paste Use:

  • during times of stress
  • sudden changes in temperature
  • travel
  • training
  • show

Recommended Feeding Directions:

  • Maintenance or Light Sweating (sweating at neck or under saddle) - 20 cc
  • Moderate Sweating (whole body is sweating) - 30cc
  • Heavy Sweating (whole body is sweating, dripping sweat) - 40 cc

Always provide access to water when using ForeLyte.


  • Brand: ForeFront
  • Type: Electrolytes
  • Size: 80 cc
  • Country of Origin: USA