Fungasol Ointment, 13 oz

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Fungasol Ointment, 13 oz

Fungasol Ointment by Absorbine is a topical ointment that helps treat fungal and bacterial skin conditions on animals.

Fungasol Ointment Helps Treat the Following:

  • rain rot
  • ringworm
  • dry flaky skin
  • wound bacteria
  • girth itch
  • dew poisioning
  • scratches/greasy heel
  • pythiosis

Recommendations: Best results when used with Fungasol Shampoo (ITEM: EJFE)View manufacturer and/or label information


  • Brand: Absorbine
  • Type: Fungus Prevention
  • Ingredients: Triclosan,Tea Tree Oil
  • Size: 13 oz