Futurity Bit, 5.75 Mouth w/ 6.5 Cheeks

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Futurity Bit by Professional's Choice

The longer shank is designed for the stronger horse that still needs the flexibility of a gag cheek. This longer shank and gag action provides more poll pressure, which encourages greater flexion and provides more control.

Size: 5¾" Mouth w/ 6½" Cheeks

The shorter shank is a great bit for a horse that is ready to be transitioned from a snaffle bit to a shank bit. The short gag action allows the rider to pick up a horse when needed, allowing for greater control.

Size: 5¾" Mouth w/ 6½" Cheeks.

Available in: 3-Piece Twisted w/ Dogbone or 3-Piece Smooth w/ Roller.


  • Brand: Professional's Choice
  • Style: Gag, Curb
  • Mouth Size: 5-3/4"
  • Mouthpiece: Twisted Snaffle w/Dog Bone,Smooth Snaffle w/Roller
  • Cheek Length: 6-1/2"