Gallagher Geared Reel

Gallagher Geared Reel

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Gallagher Geared Reel

The transport lock on the Gallagher Geared Reel locks the reel to permanent fences and farm vehicles allowing the reels to be used and transported without the risk of them falling off.

Gallagher Geared Reel Features:

  • heavy duty and durable but still only weighs 2.5 lbs
  • 2.7:1 ratio, which means far less work as each turn of the handle will rotate the reel 2.7 times
  • locking ratchet prevents unwinding and tangled tape
  • holds 1/3 mile polytape or 1/4 mile turbo wire
  • complete with guide to reel tape evenly and in a straight line
Comes with free Insul-Grip gate handle.

Watch video to see Geared Reel transport lock in action:


  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Color: Black, White, Orange
  • Weight: 2½ lbs
  • Type: Reel