Grey Horse Soy Wax Tarts

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Grey Horse Soy Wax Tarts

These amazing wax tart melts are 100% handmade and hand poured and make the perfect stocking stuffers! Made from all-natural soy, the Grey Horse Candle Company Soy Wax Tarts are made to be used in a wax warmer. Each pack will fill a room with one-of-a-kind scents for up to 35 hours!

Available in the following scents:

  • Fresh Cut Hay: Fresh cut hay is infused with natural orange essential oil, and captures the essence of summer florals and the fresh aroma of freshly cut grass. And with a hint of orange and sandalwood, it's a natural scent you'll love any time of the year!
  • Sweet Feed: A fantasy blend of wheat, honey, vanilla, notes of fig, caramelized brown sugar and musk come together to create this tribute to one of every equestrian's favorite scents! This fragrance is infused with Lemon Essential Oil.
  • Apples for Horses: The crisp scent of fresh McIntosh apples right from the tree! Inspired by the warm fuzzy feeling we get when we take a special treat to our furry friends on the farm! This fragrance is very strong, but not overpowering due to the very natural scent. Lovers of this fragrance have said it smells like you are in the middle of an apple orchard! Apples for Horses is a very fresh fragrance with a note of tartness that will revitalize and energize your day while reminding you of your special friend! Horses are also very fond of this scent!
  • High End Saddle: This Soy Wax Tart is for the tack junkies, you know who you are. Your tack truck is overflowing, you have every possible color of saddle pad and polo wraps, and your horse is always in style! You'd choose a trip to the tack store over the mall any day, and not many things excite you as much as the allure of a beautiful well made saddle...except for maybe the matching bridle. With this wax tart, now you can bring the entire tack store to your home!
  • Peppermints for Ponies: Enjoy the scent of luscious sweet peppermint blended with rich vanilla. This scent is inspired by that special treat you give your horse after a perfect ride!
  • Give a Horse a Carrot: A scent that is inspired by those of us who love to spoil our ponies rotten! The ones who love just spending time with our horses so much more than actually riding! The fragrance includes the smell of fresh carrots, straight from the garden! Spice was added to this scent to make it pleasant for the home. Some people say it reminds them of a spiced carrot cake. It is perfect for any time of year!
  • Blanket Season: For equestrians, it's a bittersweet time of year. It means winter has arrived, the barn chores are never ending, and it's also just plain freezing outside! But, despite all of the cold weather, you just love seeing your horse all cute and cozy while sporting his new winter blanket. This scent is sure to warm your heart!
  • Carriage Ride: "Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh!" This special holiday scent was inspired by a carriage ride through the woods on a snowy winter day! The perfect Christmas scent.
  • Bran Mash: Bran Mashes have been a horseman's tradition for decades. This scent, featuring molasses and oat, smells just as delicious as the warm yummy treat we love to give our favorite horses when the weather gets chilly!


  • Brand: Grey Horse Candle Company
  • Type: Air Freshener
  • Country of Origin: USA