Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner

Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner

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Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner Liquid

A trusted horse hoof conditioner that helps restore and support strong, healthy hooves in a convenient liquid. Brush applicator makes application fast and easy. Regular use will keep the frog, sole, heel and coronary band flexible and healthy. 

Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner Features:

  • Treats brittle, drying, cracking, and chipping hooves
  • Helps maintain a long-lasting moisture balance
  • Absorbs quickly and provides deep therapeutic conditioning
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal agents to help prevent infection

Contains Neatsfoot Oil, Lanolin, Turpentine and Pine Tar, blended in a Petrolatum, Tallow Wax, Rosin and Aloe base.

Hooflex® All Natural contains no petroleum.

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  • Brand: Absorbine
  • Form: Liquid,Paste
  • Size: 15 oz,25 oz