Horse Quencher, 3.5 lb

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Horse Quencher®

You lead ‘em to water, we'll make ‘ern drink!®

An all natural product designed to encourage horses to drink. It is a precise and proven blend that won't test positive and will get horses to drink. It causes most horses to dive right into their water bucket, making it a handy health insurance policy to have in every barn, trailer and saddle bag.

It is also safe for pregnant mares and can be used as a companion product with electrolytes without creating a product imbalance.

Horse Quencher® is great for:

  • trailering stress
  • competition stress
  • colic
  • hot weather changes
  • cold weather changes and hydration
  • general illness or lameness
  • general treat for your horse

Flavors: Root Beer, Peppermint or Apple

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  • Brand: Intrepid International
  • Form: Powder
  • Flavor: Rootbeer,Peppermint,Apple
  • Size: 3½ lb Bag