Jeffers Himalayan Rock Salt Brick

Jeffers Himalayan Rock Salt Brick

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Jeffers Himalayan Rock Salt Brick

The Jeffers Himalayan Rock Salt Brick easily fits into most salt brick holders. All-natural and minerals from the Himalayan Mountains. Resistant to rain and biting, therefore eliminating waste. Comes with a rope for easy hanging. These minerals help promote strong bones and muscular strength, they also provide relief from tired and aching bones and promotes blood and heart health. The salt encourages the animal to drink which can aid in the prevention of any digestion problems.

Contains: calcium, magnesium, and potassium

Himalayan Rock Salt Brick is perfect for:

  • goats
  • sheep
  • cattle
  • llamas
  • horses

Last up to 4 times longer than current salt and mineral rocks.


Length - 7 1/2"   Width - 4"    Depth - 2 1/4"    Weight - 5.1 lbs   


  • Brand: Jeffers
  • Type: Lick
  • Flavor: Himalayan Salt