KONG Equine Classic, Green

KONG Equine Classic, Green

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KONG Equine Classic, Green

All horses can benefit from the stimulation that toys can bring. Let's face it, we all feel guilty from the amount of time that we are not able to spend with our horses. Whether your horse is left out on pasture or spends his or her time in a stall, they can all benefit from more mental stimulation. This helps to keep your horse "busy" and less likely to develop bad habits like cribbing or wind-sucking.

KONG equine is made from all natural Zootooth rubber. A proprietary blend of all natural rubber that provides greater durability and flexibility.

In the same shape of the iconic KONG for dogs, the KONG equine will offer hours of entertainment to your horse. It is strong enough to be stomped, kicked, and swung around. The hole in the bottom of the KONG is perfect for adding treats of stuffing with hay.


  • Brand: KONG
  • Type: Treat Dispenser Toy
  • Size: 12"
  • Color: Green