Mega-Calm Event 2-Dose Syringe, 80 CC

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Mega-Calm Event 2-Dose Syringe, 80 CC

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Mega-Calm is now available in a syringe! High in L-Tryptophan, with magnesium, and vitamins B1 and E. Proven to relax nervous horses without drowsiness.

Contains Stress Guard, a proprietary stress reducing blend of ingredients. Made with a proprietary blend of Cortabate. Cortabate's stress-reducing benefit is its ability to reduce cortisol levels. During clinical trials, Cortabate has shown a 70% reduction in stress and a 24% reduction in Cortisol, the stress hormone.

Contains 2 servings for a 1,000 lb horse or 4 servings for a 500 lb horse.

Mega-Calm Key Benefits:

  • Stress
    1. helps the body cope with stress
    2. promotes calming
    3. alleviates the effects of stress & tension
    4. helps to reduce physical & mental stress& fatigue
  • Mental Cognition
    1. 1. helps enhance focus and mental stamina
      2. helps promote mental clarity & concentration
  • Cardiovascular
    1. 1. supports healthy cardiovascular function
  • Pain
    1. 1. significant increase in resistance to pain
  • Joint
    1. 1. supports maintenance of joints
      2. supports joint function & mobility
      3. supports joint health throughout aging
  • Energy
    1. 1. enhances energy levels
      2. helps alleviate fatigue
      3. helps restore & sustain energy levels
      4. increases ATP levels


    • Brand: Spectra
    • Type: Supplement