Men's Sod Buster Garden Mid Boots

Men's Sod Buster Garden Mid Boots

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Men's Sod Buster Garden Mid Boots

The Men's Sod Buster Garden Mid Boots are perfect for working in the yard and you need a little more protection than a shoe or ankle boot. Also made for warmer temperatures for spring and summertime protection.


  • DS5 rugged premium gum rubber outsole
  • excellent traction for all terrain conditions
  • 4 mm neoprene bootie
  • steel shank for added arch support
  • *WIXIT Cool-Clad wicking air mesh lining

    *The WIXIT Cool-clad wicking air mesh lining has added micro-dot perforations. Wicks away moisture and allows the air to flow more than traditional air mesh. Keeps the foot cooler in warmer temperatures.

    DRYSHOD Standard Premium Features:

    • 100% waterproof - Designed & built to be 100% waterproof from top to bottom.
    • 5 mm Densoprene Foam Insulated Bootie - keeps out the cold & wet. Keeps in the warm & dry.
    • Hydrokote Water Repellent - No more soggy boots. Water rolls off & dries in seconds.
    • 4-way Stretch Breathable Airmesh Lining - Moves the air to keep your feet dry & comfortable.
    • Easy-On/Easy-Off - 4-way stretch materials & generous heel kick for easy-on/easy-off convenience.
    • Roll-Down Calf Pipe - Roll down the top to tuck in your pant leg or vent in warm temperatures.
    • Genuine Natural Rubber Overlays - Only genuine hand-laid rubber. No PVC, PU, or TPR.
    • Superior Stability - Reinforced tuck board with rigid shanks for added stability.
    • Superior Fit and Comfort - Slipper soft comfort and sized to athletic shoe standards.
    • Convenient Back-Pull Tabs - Sturdy pull tabs for easy-on/easy-off convenience.

    MSRP: $109.95.


    • Brand: Dryshod West
    • Type: Boots
    • Color: Moss Green