Micro-Max, 100 caps

Micro-Max, 100 caps

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The original formula of broad-spectrum micronutrient supplement for people.

Totally derived from selected strains of sea kelp.

Contains at least 58 elements (including such "exotic" trace minerals as germanium) and their associated micronutrient compounds in a naturally chelated and biologically active form.

Take 1 capsule daily.

MICRO-MAX is a concentrated, all-natural broad spectrum micronutrient supplement created with SOURCE - in just the right size for humans.

  • it is not a drug
  • not an overnight miracle
  • not a substitute for a good diet
  • and it will not change a poor lifestyle into a good one

a growing number of people have discovered that the single change of adding MICRO MAX to their daily diet has had a profound, beneficial effect.

MICRO-MAX is sold in 100 day supply sizes and is backed by SOURCE's money back guarantee.

MICRO-MAX capsules are 100% free of any animal products.


  • Form: Capsule
  • Size: 100 Count