Oster Size 5 CryogenX Blade

Oster Size 5 CryogenX Blade

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Oster® Size 5 Grooming Clipper Blade

Innovative heat reducing technology and legendary sharp cutting performance to provide the user with the coolest and sharpest blades possible. Elite CryogenX blades are even further optimized with a titanium coating increasing its overall surface hardness, making them the longest wear-resistant blade Oster® products offers. The tough cutting edge is hard, but not brittle, with a coating that won't flake or wear off.

Size 5: Skip Tooth for body clipping leaves hair ½" long, ¼" cut/6.3mm.

NOTE: Oster CryogenX™ Blades fit all A5 and Power Pro clippers.


  • Size: Size 5 Traditional,Size 5 Elite
  • Brand: Oster®
  • Brand Compatibility: Oster®
  • Hair Length: ¼"