Patriot PBX200 Battery Energizer

Patriot PBX200 Battery Energizer

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Patriot PBX200 Battery Energizer

The Patriot PBX200 Battery Energizer is a low impedance, 12 volt (deep cycle, marine type) DC-powered fence charger. Ideal for medium to large farms with a larger number of livestock and can power up to 50 miles or 165 acres. Deep cycle marine type 12 V battery recommended. Indicator light shows when energizer is pulsing. Low impedance fence charger designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy loads such as foliage and undergrowth.

PBX200 Battery Energizer Key Features:

  • portable and convenient
  • low impedance energizer
  • LED indicator light
  • battery saving mode
  • solar compatible
  • robust knob design
  • 2-year full warranty
  • low maintenance design
  • multiple mounting options


  • Brand: Tru-Test
  • Type: Energizer
  • Miles Coverage: 50 Miles
  • Joules: 2.7 Joules