POMMS Horse Ear Plugs

POMMS Horse Ear Plugs

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POMMS Horse Ear Plugs

POMMS Horse Ear Plugs were designed as an alternative to itchy fleece ear plugs, POMMS focus on the five acupressure points in a horse's inner ear to promote relaxation and eliminate loud, distracting noises. POMMS sit comfortably in the horse's ear creating a barrier of protection.

Similar to golf balls in shape, the dimpled surface of POMMS allows for increased airflow to the back of the ball so that horses can still hear regular sounds. The dark grey color allows for discreetness.

POMMS Horse Ear Plugs Features

  • made from a soft, non-irritating material
  • protects sensitive ears from wind, water and debris
  • discreet and durable

POMMS Pony will fit ponies under 14 hands.


  • Brand: POMMS
  • Type: Anxiety & Calming
  • Size: Pony, Horse