Pro-Nurse Multi Species Powder

Pro-Nurse Multi Species Powder

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Pro-Nurse Multi-Species Powder

Pro-Nurse Multi-Species Powder is formulated to provide balanced nutrition to newborn animals. Provides optimum digestibility and foundation nutrients essential in early development. Made of a balanced 24% protein and 24% fat for efficient growth and strong immunity. Fortified with 26 essential vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition for 8 species including lambs, kids, calves, elk calves, piglets, fawns, foals, llamas, and alpaca crias.


  • made with all-milk proteins for advanced digestibility
  • easy mixing with our exclusive sanitizing process
  • durable, reusable pouch keeps product fresh

Instructions For Use: Always weigh milk replacer for accurate mixing. The enclosed measuring scoop holds approximately 0.25 lb of dry powder. For best mixing, mix the dry powder with 120°F water.

Individual Animals:

  • Foals: Mix or top dress 4 oz (1 enclosed cup) into daily dry creep ration to improve feed intake and provide supplement nutrients. Gradually increase the amount to 2 measures daily and continue feeding until weened.
  • Piglets: Mix or top dress 4 oz (1 enclosed cup)per lb of creep feed to provide supplemental milk nutrients to these diets. Continue through the weaning period at this rate.
  • Lambs & Kids: Mix or top dress 2 oz (1/2 enclosed cup) per lb of dry starter feed to improve feed intake and provide supplemental nutrients. Offer Pygmy goats about half of the amounts recommended for goat kids and labs and adjust according to body weight and appetite.


  • Brand: Purina
  • Type: Milk Replacer
  • Size: 8 lb