Professional's Choice Full Leg Ice Boot

Professional's Choice Full Leg Ice Boot

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Professional's Choice Full Leg Ice Boots

These full height ice boots are designed to apply cold therapy from the knee or hock down.

Professional's Choice Full Leg Horse Ice Boots Features:

  • a neoprene exterior with insulated pockets retaining a non-toxic solution
  • when frozen, these pockets remain flexible, providing comfort while increasing therapy time
  • smooth nylon lining prevents shavings & other debris from sticking to the boots
  • eliminates the risk of damaging skin from direct exposure to ice
  • elastic hook & loop straps allow for easy & secure application

To activate, place boots in the freezer until frozen. Once boots are frozen they can be transferred to an ice chest or cooler for application at a later time. For a longer lasting cold therapy session, wet your horse's legs before application.

Sizes: Standard or Large


  • Brand: Professional's Choice
  • Color: Black