Prozap Insect Guard

Prozap Insect Guard

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Prozap® Insect Guard

An effective pest control strip intended for use in areas unoccupied by humans for long periods of time. Treats up to 1200 cubic feet or a 10' x 13' room with an 8' ceiling.

Prozap® Insect Guard is best for:

  • raw grain bulk storage
  • milk rooms
  • vacation homes
  • garbage cans
  • garages
  • attics and crawl spaces

Insect Guard is used to aid in the control of:

  • cockroaches
  • flies
  • mosquitoes
  • gnats
  • moths
  • spiders

WARNING: This product should not be used in rooms or areas occupied by humans for more than 4 hours at a time.

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  • Brand: Prozap
  • Type: Insecticide
  • Insect Type: Flies,Gnats,Mosquitoes,Moths
  • Size: 2.8 oz