Ration Plus

Ration Plus

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Ration Plus™

Restore a horse's digestive system and healthy environment for the growth of beneficial microflora. Fed daily, its unique formula (a liquid Lactobacillus Acidophilus fermentation product) maintains beneficial digestive microorganisms.

Ration Plus as part of overall good horse digestive care can:

  • promote weight gain
  • help build muscle
  • increase physical activity
  • promote healthier hair coats
  • improve quality of life
  • reduce low-grade ulcers, colic
  • improve horse digestion
  • improve horse diarrhea
  • reduce stress, excessive gas, "haybelly" in horses
  • reduce undigested grain in manure in horses

Safe to use for every day digestive maintenance for both horses.

No live microorganisms. Drug free.

Directions for Dosing Ration Plus:

  • Horses:  give 6 mL daily as a top dress
  • Ponies:  give 2 mL daily
  • 16 oz = 80 day supply
  • 2 mL dispensing cap included

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  • Brand: SE Monroe, Inc
  • Type: Digestive Health
  • Form: Liquid
  • Size: 16 oz