Say Whoa! For Colic and Digestive Problems

Say Whoa! For Colic and Digestive Problems

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Say Whoa!® For Colic and Digestive Problems for Horses

"For horses in distress, it's what you do first."
Colic is the #1 killer of horses and far too often it starts with a simple fecal impaction. Use to maintain a healthy gastric system and support normal digestive function.

Say Whoa!® is safe for:

  • horses of all sizes and weight
  • mares
  • lactating horses
  • foals

Administer: for 100 - 1,200 lb - (2) 60 mL tubes, Under 100 lb - (1) 60 mL tube.

After your horse swallows the formula, it's quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

All you have to do is squeeze in the mouth of the horse with the oral dosage syringe (included).

Say Whoa!® Ingredients:

  • calcium
  • vitamin D
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • peppermint oil
  • irish sea moss
  • vegetable glycerin
  • purified water
  • sorbitol
  • molasses for flavor

These ingredients assist in working with the horse's body through osmosis to help draw fluids back into the intestine, thereby softening the impaction and assisting to stimulate bowel movements. In 30 minutes, listen for gut sounds. They should be returning & your horse improving. If this does not happen, call your vet. This product is not effective for twisted, torsion, knotted or ruptured bowels. With a 3 year shelf life & no temperature control - keep it on your shelf!


  • Brand: Say Whoa!
  • Type: Digestive Health
  • Size: 2 (60 mL) Pre-Filled Syringes
  • Condition: Colic (light), Impaction, Watery stool, Spasm & Gas