Sgt. Reckless's "Horse Grease"

Sgt. Reckless's Horse Grease

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Sgt. Reckless "Horse Grease"

Veterinarian tested and approved.

Sgt. Reckless "Horse Grease" is a natural, safe, and effective way to stop horses from chewing on wood, bandages, trailers, trees, and tails. Made from all-natural ingredients. The active ingredient, Capsaicin, is the heat from chili peppers. "Horse Grease" is rated approximately 8,000 on the Scoville heat scale - about the same as a chipotle pepper.

Made from food grade grease that is infused with Capsaicin - when used according to directions is guaranteed to stop horses from chewing. Cribbing is a different issue so results may vary. Made in the USA.

A portion of the proceeds is donated to the United States Marine Corps.


  • Brand: Sgt. Reckless
  • Type: Chew Stopper