Solar Powered Gable Mount Ventilator, 13

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Solar Powered Gable Mount Ventilator

The Solar Powered Gable Mount Ventilator provides ventilation to remote buildings without power. This Ventilator has no energy costs and requires no hookup to an AC power supply. Perect for chicken coops or kennels! This gable vent mounts ti a variety of gable types and can replace a variety of different power gable vent brands.

Solar Fan Key Features

  • 18 volt DC Motor
  • provides ventilation suffiient for a 1550 sq ft attic
  • 13" high-efficiency fan blades
  • mount behind existing louvers
  • shroud constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel

Solar Panel Key Features

  • 15 watt output
  • high-impacttempered solar cell casings
  • silicone crystals in andonized aluminum frame
  • 25-foot power cord with easy connect clips
  • 10-year limited warranty on panel


  • Brand: Cool Attic
  • Type: Cooling
  • Special Feature: Solar Powered
  • Size: 13"