Synergize Cleaner & Disinfectant, 32 oz

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Synergize, 32 oz

Synergize is a multi-purpose, dual active disinfectant specifically formulated to kill both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, viruses and fungi.

At 1/2 oz per gallon dilution, this product has targeted claims as avian influenza, parvovirus, and salmonella which helps protect the health of your farm.

For use in:

  • poultry and turkey farms
  • hatcheries
  • swine operations
  • veal barns
  • equine facilities
  • veterinary clinics
  • animal care facilities
  • calf pens

For use on the following equipment:

  • waters and feeders
  • hauling vehicles and equipment
  • farrowing barns
  • nurseries
  • creep areas
  • chutes

Can be applied using a mechanical sprayer, manual soaking, boot baths, and vehicle tire washes.


  • Brand: Neogen
  • Type: Disinfectant
  • Size: 32 oz