The Horse Holster

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The Horse Holster

The Horse Holster is Genius! Have you ever struggled with a place to hold your keys, phone, ID and more while riding? Worry no more! The Horse Holster was made with the rider in mind, whether you are trail riding or working cows on the ranch it is the perfect place to keep your belongings rain or shine. Big or small, it fits them all! Any and all phone/case combos, plus room for other items.

The Horse Holster Features:

  • zipper pocket
  • no slip strap
  • leg straps in two sizes
  • water resistant

The leg straps come in (2) sizes and are elastic so will gain 1" - 2" after being worn. The straps are 2" wide and the thighs are 16" - 24 " (pant size 0-9) and 24" - 32" (pant size 9+).


  • Brand: The Horse Holster
  • Type: Bag
  • Dimensions: 6.75"L x 3.75"W x .75"H