Trainer's Choice 5000 Veterinary Liniment Gel

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Trainer's Choice 5000 Horse Pain Relieving Gel with Aloe

A topical pain relieving gel with a special Aloe Vera base that will not cause positive results in post-competition drug testing.

Benefits and Usage:

  • For use as a brace
  • liniment and body wash to relieve muscle
  • joint pain on animals involved in athletic or performance activities


Apply to painful muscles and joints, gently massage. Use before and after exercise. Repeat as needed for temporary relief of minor arthritis pain, simple backache, strains, sprains, bruises and cramps.

Safe for use under standing bandages, with ice or cold water and with ultrasound.


  • Type: Gel,Liquid
  • Brand: Ari Med Company
  • Size: 16 oz,7 lb Jug