Troxel Helmet Brimmer, Tan

Troxel Helmet Brimmer, Tan

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Troxel Helmet Brimmer

Add full shade and sun protection instantly to most Troxel helmets (see below for exclusions) with the helmet brimmer. Featuring a full 4-1/2" wide genuine palm leaf brim with a patent-pending helmet attachment system that allows you to securely attach and remove the helmet brimmer.

Troxel's Helmet Brimmer can not be used with the following helmets:

  • Sport
  • Legacy
  • Non-Low Profile Spirit
  • All Helmet Versions Prior to 2014

This product is not suggested for use with the ES or Capriole Troxel Helmets.


  • Brand: Troxel
  • Type: Sun Shade