Vetbond Liquid Tissue Adhesive by 3M

Vetbond Liquid Tissue Adhesive by 3M

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Vetbond™ Liquid Tissue Adhesive by 3M

Forms a thin, flexible bandage in seconds to stop minor bleeding and bind wound edges. Comes with extension tube for hard to reach places. Each vial of VETBOND™ contains 0.1 fl. oz. (3 mL) of product and dispenses approximately 150 drops.

Indicated for use by veterinarians for:

  • cat declaws
  • lacerations and abrasions
  • sealing surgical incisions
  • tooth extraction and other oral surgery
  • dew claw removal
  • tail docking
  • minor wounds
  • and other open/bleeding wounds

Note: For Professional Use ONLY!

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  • Brand: 3M
  • Condition: Abrasions,Tail Docking,De-Clawing
  • Size: 3 mL Bottle w/4 Applicator Tips