Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse, 3 oz

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Vetericyn® Plus Ear Rinse

(Formerly All-Animal Ear Rinse)

Vetericyn® Plus Ear Rinse is for flushing, cleaning and caring for wounds and irritations to the outer ear and ear canal. Formulated to relieve ears affected by burning, stringing, itching, pollutants, contaminants and wound odors.

Vetericyn® Plus Ear Rinse Key Benefits:

  • safe & non-toxic
  • no alcohol, steroids or antibiotics
  • advanced cleanser plus therapy
  • veterinarian recommended
  • non-irritating & non-sensitizing
  • safe if licked or ingested
  • works on all animal ears
  • made in the USA

Vetericyn® Plus Ear Rinse Key Uses:

  • flushing & cleaning
  • removing pollutants & foreign materials
  • ear itching & irritations
  • daily ear maintenance

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  • Brand: Vetericyn
  • Form: Drops
  • Condition: Irritation,Itching,Odors