Zareba 200 mile AC Low-Impedance Charger

Zareba 200 mile AC Low-Impedance Charger

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Zareba 200 mile AC Low-Impedance Charger

The Zareba 200 mile AC-Powered Low-Impedance Charger is built in the USA and can power the large fences on your ranch or farm. This energizer delivers 15 output joules along an electric fence line, enough to handle most livestock and wildlife.

For best results, use steel wire and remove vegetation from around your fence lines. Your fence can still operate with weeds or when using poly fencing, but the mile rating is reduced in these conditions.

To get your charger ready for operation, mount it in an area protected from severe weather. First, attach the hookup cables to the fence and grounding system, and then plug it in to power your electric fence. Once activated and checked, use it to contain livestock including cattle, horses, exotics, pigs, sheep, and goats. A properly designed fence can also keep out wildlife and predators.

This Zareba energizer has a simple system indicator light, which flashes when active. Easy-to-use wingnuts help to secure your hookup wires and the heavy-duty case includes 4 mounting slots.

This charger purchase also includes a Zareba Storm Guard unit, which offers lightning protection. Zareba also offers a 3-year limited warranty, so review your instruction booklet to get registration instructions.


  • features 15 output joules
  • for use on up to 15 miles of steel fencing
  • the most powerful U.S. built charger available
  • helps contain cattle, horse, pigs, sheep, goats, exotics
  • helps keep out predators and other wildlife


  • Brand: Zareba
  • Type: Energizer